10 November 2014

Airport times

I was in Barcelona last week for The BIG IF # 2 (which was a hell of a fine improv festival, with great shows, people, workshops and general times, from beginning until end).

When I was walking through Schiphol yesterday afternoon, I realized that I would quite soon be on my way back through that airport, as I'm flying to London this afternoon.

Then Thursday I'm heading back to the airport to fly to Johannesburg, where I will meet Chiara, and hopefully some lions, elephants and penguins.


07 October 2014

Getting Lucky

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of 'getting lucky' (in the superstitious  not biblical  way). I think it has a lot to do with how much of the reading about business I've been doing, boils down to "luck is when preparation meets opportunity, and that's how you succeed" kind of philosophy.

Though I may be paraphrasing slightly.

But in a time of crisis I'll take any pithy slogan I can get my hands on, and cling to it like a life preserver. Or, when things are good, like now, I'll try and show some gratitude to the universe for any positive outcomes, while simultaneously diverting some of that credit back onto myself. After all, I couldn't have gotten lucky if I wasn't so prepared, right?

And so far, it seems to be working.


18 September 2014

Beautiful justifications: wabi-sabi

Design from Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders

My favourite jeans have a pronounced wallet fade, and a hole in the pocket that's been resewn almost a dozen times. They look great. They look, and feel, distinctly mine.

The longer I have a notebook, the more I like it; pages get bent, the stickers on the cover peel, it gets that lived in look and feel. 

I love that look. And feel.


09 September 2014

All in one week

I feel like I've been relatively on hiatus from my 'normal' life, as I get settled into some writing work and the rhythms of the more-or-less regularly employed.

And so far it's been pretty decent. I ride my bike most days through the park to the office, eat lunch with my
colleagues, and cultivate my appreciation for fine spirits. It sounds not too bad, and it isn't at all.


22 August 2014

10,000 hours (more or less)

Practice makes perfect – in theory.

Or perfect practice makes better, according to my high school volleyball coach. But in both versions of this peptalk, there is a direct correlation between practice and improvement (or hours of practice and level of achievement).


15 August 2014

A quick blast of Fringe

An idea formed in my mind some months ago: a sneaky return to the Edinburgh Fringe. Not an actual run, but a couple performances, a few guest spots, some visiting with friends and seeing a few shows I'd been keen to watch.

Well, it happened. A few days of delightful delights and enjoyable running to and fro.


03 August 2014

A new year, a slight pivot

We're over the halfway point of the second calendar year of my Amsterdam Programme.

That 'programme' is sort of generally my life here: working as a creative freelancer, and pursuing writing and performing professionally. It's been going really well. i'm writing lots, have been traveling quite a bit, had the opportunity to develop a couple of new shows, and produce some comedy and storytelling events. It's actually even worked out to be reasonably – though not wildly – financially successful.

So, yeah. Pretty good. But what's the next step?


28 July 2014

12 tips for the creative freelancer

Fields of flowers at sunset can be so relaxing 
I've been a 'creative freelancer' for a while now: in fact, ever since we moved to Amsterdam eighteen months ago. And it's going alright. Pretty well, even.

I've learned a few things along the way, which seems like really the minimum one can do when embarking on a new venture. So I've made a list of some of these things that I think might be helpful for others.

They apply specifically to me and what I've been doing – which is writing websites and corporate film scripts, performing and teaching improv comedy, producing and hosting storytelling and comedy events, and a smattering of acting and voiceover work. But they are – well, if not universal, at least extrapolatable. Which is only theoretically a word, but most certainly a concept.

Hopefully they'll be useful for you.