16 April 2014

EU Battled for YOUR Vote

I just did the call, now getting the response

Last week I hosted a freestyle rap battle (which is already a huge thrill), and it was politically-based (which is gratifying), and it was in the European Parliament - which was exciting because it felt like a big deal. And it was packed - the place was jammed full of people. It was one of the strangest and most exciting events I've ever performed at.


07 April 2014

Riding the rollercoasters: Walibi Holland

Look out Walibi... here we come!
I'm a permanent fixture of an amusement park ride in the Netherlands.

All the visitors to Walibi Holland will get to spend some time with me as they prepare to board the newest attraction, Xpress: Platform 13.

The same is true of my friend Sam.

So we went out there on Friday with some friends, for the premiere of the ride, and to enjoy the theme park. We were VIPs, so it was closed to the public, which meant few lines, and perks like snacks and drinks. And it didn't rain!

A recipe for great times.


03 April 2014

Go time for Slapdash 2014!

Many players from Slapdash 2013. Now it's time for Slapdash 2014!
 A friend described improv festivals to me as "our conferences, our professional meeting grounds" and it's true; but they're also a whole lot like summer camps. And I love summer camps!


01 April 2014

Dutch, the secret code

They ordered successfully. Perhaps they're Dutch?

Yesterday was beautiful. And I was sitting at a terrace table of a cafe. I attempted to order a mint tea in Dutch.

"Een verse munt thee, alsjeblieft [a fresh mint tea]," I requested, with my best Dutch pronunciation.

"Wat?" the waitress asked, rolling her eyes.

I repeated my order. She repeated her question. On it went. Finally my (Dutch) companion intervened. And then finally she understood. Irritated, she strode off.


25 March 2014

Milly Can Rap (and more)

There's a lot of hip hop going on this year. This was not planned, although it has been engineered, but still. I'm surprised. And excited.

One notable thing has been the video for Nobody's Perfect, which I made recently. It's a rap video and song that I made with considerable help from talented folks.


19 March 2014

Proactive swimming

At the start of this year I looked back and realized that I didn't do one single physical activity thing last year. Not one. It made me feel bad. Partially for failing to get any exercise, and then also because not getting exercise makes you feel bad.

But then, a couple of weeks after this realization struck me, I was hit with a powerful memory: last year, in the summer, I went kayaking! For an afternoon. I was in a kayak, paddling around.

So I did do some physical activity last year! I got some exercise. Then I realized that if anything, one excursion of moderate physical activity out of 365 days is almost worse than none.


14 March 2014

Nobody's Perfect - Ryman Illar

Ready to rap. PHOTO: Vinicius Rebecchi 
I made a rap video.

I'll tell you about it sometime soon but for now: click through and watch it.


11 March 2014

Becoming a moviegoer

I like movies.

But I've never really watched a whole lot of them, nor gone to the movies all that often in my life. It's actually kind of surprising considering how much I work with story, and short films, and narrative structures. I even have a solo improv show called The Pitch, which trades on knowledge of story and film conventions! But for some reason I just have never spent that much time at the movies.