22 July 2014

So Corfu-sed

I'm just back from Impro Hotel in Corfu, and I'm still completely Corfused.

I was definitely in another world for a full week - and that world was full of sun, laughs, delicious homemade meals served at pre-appointed times, dune buggies, improv revelations, dancing and high quality good times. Although I was technically working (I was there to teach improv), it sure didn't feel like it; in the words of camp director Ralf, there was much party made last week.


03 July 2014

An incomplete guide to Ryan Millers and Millars

That's not a typo. The Canucks new goalie spells his last name with an 'e'. 

A lot of people have been asking me if I'm excited about heading back to Vancouver to play for the Canucks. I would be, if I were doing so.

But I am not.


25 June 2014

Performers: be yourself

As straightforward as it can get. 

I've started teaching a new workshop this Slapdash Festival, named "Get Real". It's called that because it's a snappy title (if I do say so myself), and also to help performers get at something that I think is vital: reality. Or authenticity.

A lack of reality (or commitment, or vulnerability) is one of my biggest turn-offs in improv. And in performance (and people), in general.


23 June 2014

Words, words, words

Words. That's how people communicate. With their mouths, their minds, their keyboards and even their pens. Mouthing the sounds or drawing the shapes of letters that together form words. These words, once written or spoken, carry meaning, so that people can express themselves.

It's important that we understand these individual words. So that we can pursue the meanings of them when combined with other, different, words.


20 June 2014

Life and Death at Sea

At last night's Geekeasy, as part of Slapdash, I delivered a lecture entitled "Life & Death at Sea". The topic  adventure, risk and consequences on and in the ocean  genuinely fascinates me. It's also the first time in recent memory I've done something non-improvised on stage.


17 June 2014

Las Vegas: everything in excess

I've now been to Vegas. And I get why it's so popular: it's wonderful and bright and sleazy; it's the epicenter of hedonism and indulgence. It can be so damn sexy.

Fortunately, we played it cool. We didn't lose our shirts or our heads. We passed up fear and loathing in favour of relaxing and wandering. (And watching World Cup football in the hotel room).

But we did partake in what was on offer: winning a very small amount at blackjack and losing a piffling amount of time and money chasing slot machine dreams. But it was fun, which is great because I like fun. But the perimeter of fun and madness really stretches only so far.


20 May 2014

How can you tell if a washing machine works or not?

Our washing machine stopped working last week. Towards the end of the regular wash cycle it started beeping and an error message flashed on the screen.

After draining the machine manually, washing the clothes at the laundromat, and checking to make sure everything was running fine (it seemed to be), we tried again. Same result. So we called a washing machine repairman. He came, declared there was nothing wrong with it, and that it must be a problem with the drain. So we called a plumber to clear the drain and tried to wash the clothes again. Same result.


09 May 2014

An ideal workday

What would your perfect work day be like? No really. Think about it. Try and imagine a scenario where you would be completely satisfied with your professional life.

If you're like me, it's not that easy to picture. But I found it a valuable daydreaming exercise when someone asked me that question recently.