29 November 2007

writing writing writing

Woke up early this morning to squeeze in a few extra hours on a writing project with a looming deadline. The computer wouldn't turn on. It still won't. My amateur diagnostics tell me: it's broken and needs to be fixed.

Chiara and I are both staring down the barrel of some imminent deadlines and yet we lack the equipment to get it done.

Hopefully I can fill in this excel spreadsheet by hand. Yeah, maybe...


  1. Hello Ryan,

    I am a Portuguese actress and writer who will be moving to Brussels in February 2008. I have done production work in Film & TV. I'm writing you (well, commenting you!) to ask you for some advice. I don't speak a lot of French, but I'm fluent in English. How can I find work opportunity in the arts speaking only English? How did you manage? I'd really appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you, Sofia

  2. Sorry, I forgot to leave you my email: