29 May 2008

Get wedded

Sunday 25 May was unlike any other Sunday in recent memory. I was in Rome with Chiara, which wasn't unusual. The weather was beautiful which also wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that Chiara and I got married.

Many friends and family and people important to us were there. We had gorgeous weather and outfits and the aforementioned friends and family there. The food and agriturismo where we had the reception could not have been better. Just a non-stop roll-out of deliciousness.

We danced and drank and laughed and cut cake.

We're now settling into married life, which seems to include going out for dinner, receiving presents, having fun, and wearing new rings.

So far, so good.

Pictures will come. As will instructions on where to post pictures for general consumption. As will other thoughts on tying the knot.

1 comment:

  1. It was an amazing day. One that will most likely go down in history. Something magical and beautiful happened. A commitment was made between people who's sum worth is far GREATER than the combined total of their individual parts (?!). This heavenly union now shares one name.

    And that name is...

    "The Team".

    Long live the team! Thanks to Ryan, Chiara and their collective families for fostering this beautiful paring of exceptional people. Thanks for the awesome day!