30 May 2008

Wedding photos soon to be on flickr

So the results of the poll are in. And by 'poll' I mean the intersection of the path of least resistance, and whimsy.

The best place to view upload pictures of the wedding (besides facebook) is Flickr.

Flickr loves you.

There's even a wedding group whose url I won't hide: http://www.flickr.com/groups/millarwedding/

Now I presume that with very little trying can organize organize the photos they put up into a 'wedding set'. In this way, all photos uploaded by different people will be indexed both by user, and by event.

I look forward to seeing the photos. And you. You're always welcome to visit. Ben I suppose you could just mail your polaroids to flickr. Or take digital photos of them and post those up. I'm curious about those ones too.



29 May 2008

Get wedded

Sunday 25 May was unlike any other Sunday in recent memory. I was in Rome with Chiara, which wasn't unusual. The weather was beautiful which also wasn't unusual. What was unusual was that Chiara and I got married.

Many friends and family and people important to us were there. We had gorgeous weather and outfits and the aforementioned friends and family there. The food and agriturismo where we had the reception could not have been better. Just a non-stop roll-out of deliciousness.

We danced and drank and laughed and cut cake.

We're now settling into married life, which seems to include going out for dinner, receiving presents, having fun, and wearing new rings.

So far, so good.

Pictures will come. As will instructions on where to post pictures for general consumption. As will other thoughts on tying the knot.


20 May 2008

Hillary Clinton - Fall Back


19 May 2008

On the cuteness of nephews

For a person who's conversational skills consist mostly of randomly listing modes of transportation ("Bike. Car. Pwane. Pwane. Pwane...") and repeating the word "hi!" I find young Roan Grace Morgan Millar to be some of the best company I could ever imagine.

In fact, I love the youngster so much it makes me wonder how one's heart could possibly stand fatherhood. I guess the sleepless nights and mountains of shitty diapers paint a more balanced picture...

Even still, it's perplexing.

He has, of course, strengthened his cuteness case by being almost entirely tantrum free thus far in Europe. Although he did throw a mini-tantrum this morning because he didn't want me to leave for work. He just hugged me and said "no" anytime I tried to put him down. And when I finally could put off work no longer, he started to cry.

Did the ensuing wailing make me find him less cute? Not by a long shot. Those tears were mirrored by my own internal tears of joy at being, even if just for 15 sweet minutes, the favourite.


16 May 2008

All Millar, no filler

The rest of the family is here. My favorite, is my nephew Roan. In fact he's everybody's favorite so no feelings were hurt in the making of this designation. My day off yesterdya was pretty hectic, to-ing and fro-ing and cleaning and drinking, but now we're in business. Looking forward to some good good weekend times and the slow and steady build to wednesday's departure for Rome.

For now I'm just going to soak up family time, and as chaotic as it all is, I'll just try and keep relaxed, and keep the bride relaxed...


Muto - animation by BLU

This is the awesome. Stop-motion street art animation all over the place.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.


14 May 2008

Family comes

My sister and her boyfriend Jay arrived on Sunday. The awesome times have just been coming fast and furious. I thought there would be more adjustment time or more of a shock adapting to seeing my sister over here. But in fact it's been so easy and comfortable it's like they live up the road, instead of a 9 hour flight away. There have been plenty of laughs and drinks and games of Dutch Blitz, just like it should be.

Tomorrow arrives the rest of the clan. I'm loving it already, but I can't say all the external stimulation and excitement really helps my productivity or focus.

As if that matters..


Platypus smells

The platypus is one crazy fucked-up animal. It's a game-set-match argument against creationism and intelligent design. But it gets cooler.

Turns out scientists at Washington University in St. Louis sequenced the genes and found a combo of reptile and mammalian features. Obviously, that's how you get a furry, warm-blooded, egg laying, adorable abomination of nature.

While they didn't explain how the fuck a mammal-reptile hybrid gets a duck beak they did discover something else you didn't know:

"the platypus has [an awesome nasal receptors] which suggests that their sense of smell is important while foraging underwater."

Just think about it.


Phunk Studios

Here's a great little feature on Phunk Studios, some rad Singaporean designers.

In the interests of full disclosure: I wrote aforementioned 'great little feature', and both Chiara and I wear the fresh Levi's/Phunk collab tee's often. They're so dope we'd be fools not to (thanks Filip!)

I particularly like how the tee makes my head match my body so perfectly. Good clothing does that.


08 May 2008

No New Enemies

Saw the No New Enemies show at Le Botanique last night and it was a truly jaw dropping, eye-popping, awe-inspiring collection of art. Street artists doing gallery art. Not a new thing, but an awesome one.

The London Police, Flying Fortress, Jermey Fish, Shepherd Fairey, Microbo and a bunch of people who I didn't know, doing stuff I loved. The free beer was far from the coolest part. I missed the cool live installationing and the artists, but I was still clamhappy to soak it up.

Get your info here.


Business Shorts

I saw my first and only pair of 'Business shorts' or 'suit shorts' in Antwerp last weekend. This trend NEEDS to catch on. NOt just for the sake of climate change but also because I need to liberate my legs from their office trousers. OK, so my office trousers are usually just jeans, but if that's true (and it is) then why can't I rock shorts? Girls have great business shorts and skirts options.

What's with the stigma against the legs of man? Unfair! I cry.

And I'm not talking runners shorts, I'm talking sensible, long shorts, cut for the dapper man about the office. I'm talking about shorts for me!


07 May 2008

Cerveau disponible

I saw this wheatpasted poster while on break from French class as I was on my way to get some frites. I like all of the things in the last sentence. Though the prospect of French class is alot less appealing on these warm & sunny spring days. I'd prefer to make my cerveau disponible for patio beers, grass between my toes, boombox music, barbecues, homemade lemonade, shorts and sandals and the diligent daily fight against climate change.


06 May 2008

Camels love expensive oil

Skyrocketing oil prices are now joined by skyrocketing food prices, both taking winged flight to make daily life just that much less affordable. That is a double dose of bad news; though the weather sure is warm...

The whole issue is exacerbated by the thirst for bio-fuels. A few years ago we all knew bio-fuels would be the way to go. Now we know otherwise. The processing of some types makes them worse polluters than old fashioned fossil fuels, and the demand for these bio-fuels means farmers are switching crops, causing food production to drop off and become more expensive to boot. How's that for ironic poetic justice with globally heartbreaking real-world implications?

But there's an upside to the ongoing geo-political climate change fuck-uppery. As far as unexpected actions-consequences go, finally one Rube Goldberg marble rolls in favour of preservation of the population... of camels.
High oil prices are driving Indian farmers back to the 'ships of the desert'. Their population was in free-fall, but now everybody is all 'Sorry camels. We forgot you were awesome. Help me dismantle this piece of shit tractor.'


03 May 2008


Saturday sunshine, outdoors, art and music. Puttering around done. Skateboard the neighborhood, hot new Atmosphere album in earphones. Pop in at this shop and that for barbecue tools. And stuff.


Marinade marinating. Yes. Various recipes for various items: mushrooms, chicken and tofu. Salad is at the ready, and remarkably, the sun hasn't left. Countdown is on for family arrival and departure for Roman wedding. t-minus 7 days.

But for now, for this four day weekend, we're gonna soak up the sunshine and relaxation.

And the barbecue. Especially the barbecue.