25 May 2009

Cakefight Amsterdam

There are many awesome things about Amsterdam. And if it's a sunny long weekend, while you're there for your anniversary and you're staying in a funky modern hotel (Lloyd Hotel) a short canalside cycle from downtown, well so much the better.

Plus morning coffee and reading, afternoon bagels, a Late Nite Improv show with the gang at Boom!, and guest appearances from the Shortcut Kid, and Roman Dario, Amsterdam was showing just how awesome she is. I love this city.

But what really gets me about the canaled city on the IJ is the cakefighting.

Every long weekend, at every corner, there's people - brightly coloured, smiling people - smashing cake in each other's faces. Bountiful sweet cakey pastry. And dressed up, dressed down, old, young, wearing a bathing cap or wearing a cape, these people have the genuine joie de vivre that can only come from frequent joyous cakefighting.

Bless this mess.


  1. This cakefighting is a regular thing? That's fantastic.

  2. I may have embellished the frequency, but they sure acted like it was no big thang. Regardless: awesome!

  3. Anonymous3:22 pm

    I hope they had Anniversary Cake for you two on your First Anni?? Sounds like a great time was had by all.