27 April 2010

Flying on Green Wings


Just finished watching two seasons (plus 90-minute special) of Green Wing. It takes place in a hospital - and involves a lot of surreal character comedy and pretty much zero hospital-type stuff. It's weird, human, witty, and occasionally features a camel.

The plotlines centre around the arrival of Dr. Caroline Tod (Tamsin Greig) and a subsequent love triangle with half-Swiss anaesthesist and guyball enthusiast Guy Secretan (Stephen Mangan) and uber-cool surgeon Dr "Mac" Macartney (Julian Rhind-Tutt).

That's not even half the story, though. There's all kinds of charming inanity, attempted murders, bizarre sexual peccadilloes, nebbish courtship, practical jokes, and cliffhangers. The writing is sharply funny and witty though it's difficult to tell what is scripted and what is off-the-cuff.

It was a slow-burner. Not even two minutes into episode one Chiara said "I hate this show." I was likewise unsure. Two episodes later we were hooked.

I'm not sure how the Channel 4 player works geographically, but if you're in the UK, tuck into it here.



  1. My new favorite show (though it's not new) is "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia".

    Every year during tax season I chose a new sitcom to have playing on the TV whilst I tabulate my expenses. This year, IASIP was it. The characters are so unlikeable you can't help but love them. So good.

    Anyway, a Green Wing recomendation by Millar is good enough for me. I'll give it a try.

    ps: I owe $204 Canadian dollars. Not bad. That's like 4 Euros.

  2. Sunny is also brilliant. Love the Gang. especially Charlie.

    And not a bad tax outcome - it's even better in pounds. Not more than a shilling and a couple tuppence, really.