30 April 2012

Advanced Phrenology at Wellcome

I went to check out the Wellcome Collection's Brains: the mind as matter exhibit recently. It was pretty gory; lots of brain bits on display, heavily augmented with videos of archaic and painful-looking procedures and tools for skull cutting and trepannation - generally the history of getting mental with the physical home of the mind.


19 April 2012

CRUMBS takes London

Last week old friends and improv stalwarts/Euroheros CRUMBS were in town. It was great having Steve and Lee here for an inspiring week of improv-heavy fun (two workshops and a show).


15 April 2012

Enhance your Text! With Spam!

My browser recently received, unbidden, a thing called Text Enhance. On every single webpage various words would be 'enhanced' into hover links for pop-up spam ads. Very quickly, it started driving me mad.


10 April 2012

Boris vs Ken: London's Battle

Actually, these guys hate each other.

London is not far away from voting for a new mayor - less than a month, in fact. There are a bunch of candidates, and all of them are unlikable, but for many reasons.


05 April 2012

Back from Brussels, refreshed

It's a long story..

Marbles spent a weekend in Brussels, and boy did we ever! Three workshops (me Saturday and Sunday, Dave on Saturday) and four shows (two intermediate student shows - which Dave also played in, and two Marbles shows). The workshops were full, and the audiences for the shows were big and appreciative. It was exhausting and inspiring, in a word, it was exactly what we needed to rejuvenate our creative partnership.


03 April 2012

The Samantha Brick lesson

Stone-cold fox Samantha Brick's dynamite good looks have caused some haters to hate. Those 'haters' include essentially every single person in Britain

Writer, award-winning producer and journalist Samantha Brick has written an article for the Daily Mail about how hard it is to be as beautiful as she is. Almost instantly she's been subject to some backlash that has been predictably negative and quite persistent.

Really, she should have known better.