13 June 2012

Slapdash in review

Last week London was invaded by a cavalcade of international and local improvisers, swapping moments and jokes, and working together, sharing tips and bits and laughs and yeah, just tonnes of great people. I even had old friend and Artistic Director of Instant Theatre, Alistair Cook, over to teach a new format to the Slapdash Ensemble.


06 June 2012

A Royal DIY Adventure

This weekend here the UK celebrated the Queen's 60th Queeniversary by having thousands of street parties  an epic grand water parade on the Thames, and a concert with spectacular fireworks.

In my house, we observed this momentous occasion by doing some long-overdue DIY. Thematically, it made sense, as we wanted to do up the house in case Liz ever stops by to use the loo. And practically it made sense, as even though it was a relatively simple task we needed the extra time buffer of a four day weekend to be sure we could finish in time. We did, but barely, so good on us for proper planning. The Job started, as I understand all DIY projects do, with a trip to the hardware store.


01 June 2012

100 RPMs - Short stories inspired by music

Hey! A great collection of short stories just came out for the Kindle. It's called 100RPM - One hundred short stories inspired by music. It's a collection of exactly 100 flash fiction tales, all inspired by songs on YouTube, each story being 100 words or fewer. There's even a complete playlist.

It's edited by Caroline Smailes, with an introduction from Nik Kershaw. And a contribution from me, inspired by this song.